Your Riff: Virus TI2


Your Riff: Virus TI2


The Virus TI2. The creme de la creme of hardware dance synths. Fat, dark, dirty sounds, big epic synths, and brittle, high tones - the Virus does it all. It's the Holy Grail of EDM Hardware Synths.

And in stores, it costs close to $2000. A little on the pricey side for most folks. Which made its sound unattainable for most. Until now.

Have your melody, bassline, chords, etc, recorded on the Access Virus TI2, and sent back to you in .wav format.

Pay the fee here, and email us through the Contact form. Include in your message:

Name/contact info

A link to the MIDI file (preferably hosted on dropbox, googledrive, or a cloud hosting service without an expiration date). If possible, export the MIDI of the riff for the entire duration of the part of the song it's from (not just a single 8-16 bar loop)


The genre of the song you're writing


Tell us what type of synth sound you want your melody to be recorded with (if possible, include one or two reference tracks similar to what you're aiming for, and include time markers). Supersaw, Distorted Square/Sine, Raw Saw, Plucked Sine, Wavetable growl, etc.


Our turnaround time depends on how many recording requests we receive, but we try to keep it within a 48 hour window. Feel free to contact us any time if you have questions or change your mind about a sound before we ship back the wav.

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