5 Best Breweries In The Pacific Northwest

New to the Pacific Northwest? Just visiting? Looking for a good local beer, but don’t know where to start?

The PNW is home to a vast cornucopia of fantastic breweries, and for those of you who’re just dipping their feet into the local brew culture, this is a short list of the best breweries in the region!


Birdsview Brewing Company

Easily the best in the northwest. Their lighter ales like the Ditzy Blonde and the Sascotch Ale are amazing, and their Holy Grale Stout, is hands down the best stout beer of all time. The flavors are rich, complex, and there’s nothing better than swinging by this place to fill up a growler before going off into the mountains for a camping weekend… or to stop by on the way back from climbing Eldorado Peak. Even European beer snobs are wowed by their ales. They don’t sell outside Skagit though, and don’t bottles or can their beers, so to try any, you have to actually come in and pay them a visit. Totally worth the trip.


Elysian Brewing Company
These folks are fabulous, not only for the quality of their beer, but for the massive variety of what they make. IPA? They’ve got it. Red Ale? They’ve got it. Pilsner? It’s there. The Dragonstooth Stout is a particular favorite of mine, and it could be yours too. Check out their brewery in Seattle, or just look for their beers in any grocery store, and take some on your next adventure!

boundar bay.jpg

Boundary Bay Brewing

If you ever find yourself in Bellingham, stop by Boundary Bay. They make a fabulously diverse range of beers, and their stout is another of those beers that are so good it won cheers of approval from European beer aficionados. Their food is also tasty, and they occasionally host film festivals and other events, and it’s always a ball to come to B—ham and knock back some delicious brews at an adventure film festival!

kulshan brewing.jpg

Kulshan Brewing Company
Another Bellingham Brewery, their beers appear all over the PNW, and when you need a tasty, reliably-good beer for a weekend camping excursion, Kulshan’s got your back. The Coffee Milk Stout and Kitten Mittens (oh, Charlie, lol) are excellent, when they’re in season.


Deschutes Brewery

This brewery’s been a favorite of mine for a long time. The Obsidian Stout and Black Butte Porter have been staples of our group campouts in the North Cascades for years, and their beers are everywhere, so we can always count on finding a really good beer before a long weekend drive up Hart’s Pass. If you end up in Bend Oregon, swing by their brewery and have a pint. You’ll be glad you did.


Dawnchaser is a Skagit-based electronic music producer, mountaineer, documenter of all things adventure, mountain, and travel-related, and manager of Kulshan Recordings. If he’s not in the studio writing music about adventures, he’s out on one.