Enhance Your SuperSaws With One Easy Trick


Another handy tip for Trance producers: To add extra life to your supersaws and give them more character, add a SMALL amount of LFO modulation to the Pitch

Try different speeds, and different LFO wave types, and see what suits your particular sound best

But it's an easy way to add a little movement and unpredictability to an otherwise sterile sound

Great for pads, big fat stab leads, and longer leadsounds

Combine with a bit of Clear or Slow deep Chorus on a moderate setting, with different speeds for both, and you can get a nice evolving sound that moves and shifts all over the place and creates an epic atmosphere


Dawnchaser is a Skagit-based electronic music producer, mountaineer, documenter of all things adventure, mountain, and travel-related, and manager of Kulshan Recordings. If he’s not in the studio writing music about adventures, he’s out on one.