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Dave Andersson, alias Dawnchaser, is a long-time multi-genre artist, DJ, record label manager, event organizer, and adventurer, seeking thrills  on icy mountains, and inspiration in far-flung and remote places of the world.


Weaving the sounds of classic German and Swiss Hard Trance with Dubstep, Moombahton, Electro, and Folk music, his songs tell tales of epic journeys, the camaraderie of old friends, and seizing every moment as if it were your last.

With music out on Drizzly Music, Illuminate Records, Axwax Recordings, EML Recordings, LW Recordings, LayZee Recordings, Ocean Drive Records, and numerous others; and with tunes supported by Markus Schulz, John Askew, and Suzy Solar, he is embarking on the next stage of his journey with his label Kulshan Recordings, where he releases his signature Adventure Trance, Ambient, Psytrance, and Breakbeats sounds. He can also be found designing soundsets and helping new producers hone their skills through Kulshan Studios. 

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